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The National Community Law Project CIC

The SQE and how we can help you qualify as a solicitor

We are not only a legal company aiming to help the general community, we also want to help aspiring lawyers reach their career ambitions of qualification. As many of you know, the Solicitor Regulatory Authority is introducing a new route to qualification known as the Solicitor's Qualification Exam or SQE. This will be coming into force around Autumn 2021. This will eventually supercede the old LPC + training contract route to qualification.

Read the blog below where I, Daniel Onafuwa, am featured on the Flex Legal, speaking about the SQE and the new QWE journal

Read the blog below where my fellow director, Luana Gomes, is featured on the Flex Legal, who

gave her insight as an SQE supervisor as part of our Team Leaders.

Flex Legal also provided an excellent session fully explaining the SQE, how to use their Flex Journal and how you can now qualify as a solicitor through Pro Bono or volunteering. You can find the session recording here:

This new route involves having to accumulate two years full time worth of qualified work experience. Under the old route, this specifically would have to be at a law firm through a training contract. However under this new route, it can be at any organisation that offers legal services and can be at up to 4 different organisations. Under this new regime, our company falls under the organisations that can be used to sign off prospective students on their road to qualification. Under this new route, any degree is eligible for acceptance to take this examination without need of a conversion course. This is why we wholeheartedly accept anyone from any degree background who has an interest in law. We are willing to act as your first stepping stone into the legal industry as it is very competitive to get work experience especially for those without a legal background.

Use the link below to record your QWE with us:

We are working closely with the BARBRI Cardiff University ambassador, Rebecca to get up to date info about on the SQE and what BARBRI offers, in relation to SQE prep courses. 

The SQE is split into two exams, SQE 1 + SQE 2.

SQE 1 tests legal knowledge as well as applying it to real life scenarios through two sets of 180 multiple choice questions. SQE 2 is the practical aspect examination which covers client interviewing, advocacy, legal writing and drafting through various exercises.

The legal work experience we provide will contribute to helping you gain the legal knowledge and practical skills needed, alongside SQE prep courses, to sufficiently pass your qualification examinations.

Barbri has already designed prep courses in advance to help you pass these exams. As they only provide courses and not work experience, that is where we at the community law project will help you.