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The National Community Law Project CIC

Nadeen Tayfour

Community Law Project - Paralegal

I am currently a second year Law undergraduate at Manchester Metropolitan University. My interest in Law was ignited following a project I undertook where I looked at whether the UK is turning a blind eye to the Human Rights Act. During this project, I realised how much the Law and lawyers have a positive impact on bringing justice and campaigning against human rights issues and so I decided to study Law at University to be able to also help individuals, communities and organisations. I have enjoyed studying Criminal Law as it covers some of the most serious issues in society and it is an important area of law to protect the greater good, ensure justice is achieved and help those in need. I also found studying International Law enjoyable as I was able to develop insights into the global legal system and its influence on both national and international policies. Studying law is now developing my interest and understanding still further and in a wide range of legal areas which together with relevant work experience and I am excited to learn much more about the Law. 

Elena MacAulay-Smith

Community Law Project - Paralegal

I’m Elena MacAulay-Smith, aged 23, based in Scotland (though my degree is English law). I graduated from Northumbria University in 2019 with a first-class LLB. I am commencing the LPC at ULaw in September this year. My areas of passion are Family Law (inc matrimonial, legal aid, childcare), Human Rights and Criminal Law. I am a strong believer that everyone deserves a fair trail, and I would love to be apart of a network that puts that into action. 

Bobbi Pepperrell-Farnes

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Bobbi i am 19 and study Law at the University of Portsmouth. I chose law because i believe it's such a wide ranging area so will never be boring. I would also love to help people and provide something to my community and peers. I am passionate about all areas of laws and am still scooping out my niche but am loving commercial law at the moment. 

Margot Potter

Community Law Project - Paralegal

I am Margot Potter, a second year undergraduate reading law at the University of Warwick. Through various negotiation competitions, working pro-bono and undertaking case studies, I have grown to love the intricacies and humanness that lie within the law. I have particularly enjoyed working as a legal advisor for women at my local law clinic, from which stems my interest in Family Law and Litigation. I am also captivated by Intellectual Property and Corporate Law, and as an avid volleyball player, Sports Law.  

Cindy Zheng

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Cindy Zheng and I am doing my LLM in International Trade and Commercial Law at the Durham University. My main field of interest is in intellectual property law and technology, but I also have great experiences working in personal injury and criminal cases. I enjoy working with the community as it is always interesting to interact with people from all walks of lives, and since I firmly believe that one should retribute to the society for the privileges that one enjoys. As an aspiring solicitor, I am excited to take on the challenges ahead.

Oluwatomison Harrison-Abiola

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Tomi. I am interested in volunteering as a Paralegal at CLP. I heard about your organisation from Genevieve Atiase, whom you communicated with via Linkedin following from the Legal Cheek Virtual Vacation Scheme. I hope the opportunity is still available. I am a 1st class post graduate law student at the University of Southampton, and I am enthusiastic about volunteering at CLP, to add value and to gain experience simultaneously.