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The National Community Law Project CIC

Annie Akofio-Sowah

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Annie Akofio-Sowah. I am currently studying the LPC and LLM at the University of Law. I am a case worker and primarily deal with employment law, immigration law and family law matters. I chose to study law because I knew doing so would provide me with the opportunity to follow my passion, which is, to stand in the gap for those individuals who are not aware of their legal rights. I have a particular passion for employment law, company law and commercial law.

Laura Lloyd

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hi! My name is Laura Lloyd and I am currently doing my LLM/LPC at the University of Law. I chose to study law as I have always had a desire to understand the world around me, and law effectively governs every choice we make every day. Due to my empathetic nature, I believe my law degree will be an effective tool in aiding the community with little to no legal knowledge, to resolve their issues as best I can. I love the challenge understanding the law possesses, whilst the reward in knowing it can be used for good as I believe everyone deserves equal and fair access to representation. I am passionate about human rights law and environmental law as I am a vegan activist, hoping to shine light on the issues we currently face as a society. 

Hajra Nadeem

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Hajra Nadeem and I am final year Law student at Cardiff University. A career in Law to me means being uniquely positioned to help individuals that find it particularly difficult to access justice, whether due to financial or other reasons.

The most interesting areas of Law for me that I would like to eventually pursue are Medical Negligence, Personal Injury and Criminal. Through this project, I hope to play my part in making legal help more accessible to the community.

Jesse Akiwumi 

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hello, my name is Jesse! I am currently studying the Graduate Diploma in Law and planning to study the LPC next year at the University of Law. I was drawn to law because of how diverse the subject is and how it affects all aspects of our daily lives! I believe that the law can be used to protect peoples rights and I am particularly interested in contract law and the law surrounding wills!

Ashleigh Louise Green

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hey! My name is Ashleigh Green and I'm a first generation 2nd year studying BSc Computer Forensics and Security. Over the last few years, I have discovered a deep interest in Law, and I am currently looking at viable options for a pathway into a career in Law.

I came from a less privileged background which has made me very passionate about expanding access to legal aid and helping others. Due to successive cuts legal aid services have faced they are on the brink, resulting in people having limited access to legal representation and advice.

The areas of Law that currently pique my interest are criminal law, white-collar crime, family law and corporate law.

Marcel Kozdrowski

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hi, my name is Marcel Kozdrowski and I am a first year Business with Law student at Queen Mary University of London. I chose to study business with law due to my passion for both subjects, which really began developing at the beginning of my A level courses, where I was introduced to contract law, which is now my favorite area in law by far.

Katie Smith

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Katie Smith and I study Law with Criminology at Edge Hill University. During my time at college, I visited Parliament and The Supreme Court which sparked my interest in studying law and pursuing a legal career. I love helping clients and making a difference. Law is one of the most fundamental subject areas, it undertakes every aspect of our lives and is constantly evolving and updating to keep up with society. I am keen to be a part of this project, I believe in the ethos and values of expanding access and representation to clients in difficult situations who may not have many resources. I have experience in commercial and corporate law as well as wealth management but I particularly enjoy criminal, tort and public law. My aspiration is to become a solicitor.

Audrey Ogwang 

Community Law Project - Paralegal

 My name is Audrey Ogwang and I graduated from the University of Sheffield studying Sociology with Criminology. I am an incoming Law and Legal Practice student at BPP university in Manchester. My interest in law lies in my passion for helping marginalised and typically disadvantaged groups in society, hence why I am interested in sectors such as Human Rights Law, Immigration Law and Family Law. In the future, i endeavour to qualify as a solicitor in order to assist individuals in the best way that I can, which ensures that everyone can have an equal opportunity to attaining justice regardless of their background and social status.

Raahat Islam

Community Law Project - Paralegal

 I am Raahat Islam and I am first year undergraduate law student at the University of Birmingham. The decision to pursue a career in law originated from studying law at A level and understanding the importance of law in our everyday lives. Some of the opportunities available associated within the legal sector such as advocacy and mooting inspired me to delve into the depths of this fascinating industry. I know that critical thinking and analysis are essential qualities for a legal professional. Undertaking, experience at law firms have provided me with the opportunity to enhance my legal skills and an insight into the life of a lawyer. I aspire to practice law within the commercial sector and become involved In business based disputes and how the law applies. Networking is also vital as law is highly competitive. Networking is the key to opening the door.