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The National Community Law Project CIC

Zaid Murrar

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hello, my name is Zaid Murrar and I am a second year law student at London South Bank University. The main reason why I chose to study law was of course due to its ever changing nature, but also because it is an intellectually stimulating profession that is applicable in our every day lives. I'm mainly interested in the commercial sector, but I am an open minded person who is willing to explore new opportunities. Hence why I am volunteering for the Community Law Project. 

Abdalrahman Alomari

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Abdalrahman Alomari, I am a law graduate from University of Reading. I am starting my career towards the goal of being a qualified Commercial/ Corporates solicitor. I have been passionate about law ever since i was a kid. I enjoy providing legal assistance on different Civil and Commercial legal matters. My goal is to secure a training contract/ Paralegal position at a commercial firm

Weronika Packo

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hi! My name is Weronika, and I am a first-year LLB Business Law student at London South Bank University. There are many reasons for which I chose to study law, but I feel the deciding factor was its challenging and ever-changing nature. During my first year, I learnt how practical and helpful it is to understand the legal system and its implications on everyday life. I want to put that knowledge to use and assist people with my advice. I am interested in the career of an environmental lawyer. Nevertheless, I keep my mind open, and I would love to explore other practices and areas of law.

Maciej Scislowski

Community Law Project - Paralegal

I am an ambitious, enthusiastic, and committed third year LLB student at University of West London, who possesses a genuine interest and understanding of real estate law. I work extremely well in a team, as well as alone, I can confidently deal with problems and use my initiative to overcome challenging situations.

Ramana Shezad

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Ramana Shezad and I study Law at Leeds Beckett University and I'm a first-year student. I have always wanted to study Law as I have always been passionate about helping people and helping to change society for the better. From being young I've always wanted to pursue a career in Law as it's something that's always interested me, and I feel Law is such a big part of our day-to-day life even when we don't realise it. I have enjoyed all the modules I've studied so far, especially Criminal Law. However, one of my main interests is Family Law which I am really passionate about and will go onto study next year in my second year.  

Leeanne Cooper

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Leeanne Cooper and I am studying for my LLM Masters in Law England and Wales with Leeds Beckett University (Distance).

After a successful career in publishing I decided it was time to retrain, with a calling to advocate for people who may not feel heard or understand their rights in their given legal situation. I believe passionately in fair access to representation for all and plan to specialise in Family and/or Criminal Law.

The law shapes, guides and protects our daily lives, and I look forward to working with and upholding the rights of my clients, wherever my law career takes me. 

Chloë Owen

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Chloë Owen and I am a CILEX Paralegal. I specialise in the areas of family and childcare law, with a strong knowledge of the litigation system. I am currently furthering my study to become a Chartered Legal Executive.

With a passion for children's welfare I intend to gain my rights of advocacy to allow me to represent children and use my knowledge of the legal system to bring positive change.

Heather Gordon

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Heather Gordon and I study my MA Law at the University of Law alongside a PGDip in Business Management. I chose to study law because I wanted to help the most vulnerable in society in a significant way - informing them of their rights and advocating for legislative reform when the law fails to meet their needs. I am a big supporter of restorative justice and arbitration as alternative methods for resolving disputes and hope to specialise in these areas. In my free time I enjoy volunteering, attending gigs and spending time with my young daughter.

Gulshan Salim

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Gulshan Salim and I am a second year LLB law student and Leeds Beckett university. I chose to pursue a career in law after studying it at A level and wanting to be apart of making the legal system more diverse as a women from an ethnic background. My main goal is to qualify as a solicitor in the future. The areas of law I have a specific interest for are clinical negligence, family law, property law and criminal law as well as being open to other options whilst on my legal journey.

Ellie Thomas

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hi there! My name is Ellie, and I'm an English literature graduate currently studying for an MA in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics at the University of Birmingham. Upon completion of my MA I am eager to begin exploring a career in law, particularly the study and practise of both criminal law and human rights law. Coming from a lower working-class background has instilled me with a desire to promote representation and justice for the less privileged in society, and I believe working within the legal sector would be the most effective and rewarding way of doing this.

Courtney Wilbor

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Courtney Wilbor, I am currently a second year law student at Cardiff University. I am particularly interested in studying law due to it’s dynamic and thought-provoking nature. I also think it is incredibly important to know how the law can be used to support others in need, especially those requiring accessible legal advice. I hope to specialise in Environmental Law after qualifying, but am interesting in Media Law, Employment Law, Sports Law, and Human Rights Law.

Elisha Kelly

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Elisha and I'm a final year Business undergraduate at USW, with a conditional offer to study the MA Law conversion course this coming September with ULaw. Studying Law and being involved in a legal environment is something I have always had passion for and always thought I'd take the standard route to law. But thanks to the pandemic I have had time to focus and re-evaluate my career path with the hopes of becoming a solicitor one day. I currently work for the Government after spending six years in aviation, to further advance my skills and knowledge to be able to take forward to my legal career. I already have an interest in Cooperate law, Public law and Civil/Human Rights law but keen to explore other legal avenues.

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