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The National Community Law Project CIC

Isabella Mansfield

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Isabella Mansfield and I’m currently completing my Advanced LLM in Public International Law, specialising in International Criminal Law. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in pro bono work throughout my time at university, which has been a great driving force for my areas of interest. I am most passionate about human rights, immigration and public international law. 

Kirsty Lewington

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hi, I'm Kirsty and I'm a penultimate year Law Degree student at The Open University. I have accepted a conditional offer to study the LPC with The University of Law in 2022. I would like to become a Solicitors Advocate. When I first started studying it was Criminal Law that always caught my eye but as I have progressed with my studying I have decided I would like to have a career in medical law ans clinical negligence and human rights.

Helmy Abosehly

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Helmy Abosehly, I am a Certified Egyptian Lawyer and I study a Masters in law at Tanta University in Egypt. I am in my first year and currently practice law in Egypt. I chose to study law due to knowing the scope of people's rights in various areas of law . My purpose is to secure a training contract at an Arbitration and Commercial law firm in UK to be a Solicitor.

Thaila Parvin

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Thaila Parvin. I am a first year law with criminology student at Leeds Beckett University. I've always aimed to help and support people and since being introduced to law properly at A-level, it has shown me how the law widely impacts our everyday lives through our every-changing legal system. I'd like to help prevent any further injustices and help those in need.

My particular interests are Public, Tort, Human Rights and Criminal law, although I am definitely open to learning about other areas too.

Cristina Niculae

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Cristina Niculae and I am a senior LLB student at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. For as long as I can remember, justice and fairness have always been my guiding values. My interest in law started as a compelling desire to right the wrongs I witnessed as a result of growing up in a corrupt country. Currently I am studying International and European Law. In my third year, I followed a specialisation in International Humanitarian and Criminal Law. Recently I completed my undergraduate dissertation, where I discussed the possibility of creating Ecocide as a crime against the environment under the Rome Statute of the ICC. This opportunity allowed me to develop a keen interest in both Environmental and Criminal law. Other areas of interest include Human Rights and Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to gaining more insight and practical legal experience in any field of law. Finally, I am very eager to make a positive contribution within the Community Law Project!

Amna Shafique

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Amna Shafique, and I am currently a LLB student at Aston University. I hope by the end of my Law degree, I can start my professional journey through helping the vulnerable and achieving justice by using my platform and resources. Prior to my interest in law began I admired the work of charity and helping others. Since then, I have developed multiple campaigns to ensure someone's life is a little better. These have included helping those in war affected countries as well as orphans who live in countries who suffer from low economic backgrounds. My 'Help the Children from Bangladesh' campaign truly achieved this and it is something I am very much proud of. As well as this I truly believe that lawyers achieve systemic change because of their unique ability to ensure more equitable systems across society. Being part of pro-bono has made me understand the importance of a lawyer's relationship to their clients and why change is so vital for the world. I hope to start my training contract in September 2023, and I am very interested in pursuing family and immigration law as these areas of law really appeal to me as an empathetic individual who enjoys the interpersonal aspect of law.

Samantha Wilson

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Sam. I'm a mature student currently studying with the Open University, about to begin the final stages of my LLB. I've always had an interest in Law, but I opted to go into the health industry and have worked in the NHS for the last 15 years. Three years ago I decided to go back to my study, with a view to pursuing a career in medical and health law. I have provided support to colleagues facing FTP and internal disciplinary investigations and I have worked closely as a support liaison with families who were involved in inquest proceedings. I obviously have a strong interest in all things covered under the medical and health law umbrella, but I am keen to build my knowledge in areas such as criminal, human rights, COP and mental health. 

Ceanne Miller

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hello, my name is Ceanne Miller and I am currently studying for my LLB Law Degree at St Marys University. I chose to study law in order to help serve justice and provide support to people in need who do not have the knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing law. I aspire to become a solicitor and to use my skills to help people in need. Volunteering has always been a deep-rooted passion of mine. 

Alex Cayton

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Alex Cayton, I am an English graduate, an MA Law student at the University of Law and a junior paralegal at a local firm.

I am truly passionate about child law, advocating for the rights of children and ensuring their voices are heard. Ultimately, I aim to use my life experience and knowledge of the law to improve the lives of as many young people as possible and be an instigator for change.