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The National Community Law Project CIC

Rhiannon Jade Brown

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hi! I'm Rhiannon and I recently graduated from Northumbria University with my Masters in Law (including LPC). I currently work in-house as a legal assistant where I am required to work on a variety of matters relating to corporate and commercial law, litigation and IP. In my spare time, I enjoy focusing on human rights, particularly prisoner's rights and the abolishment of the death penalty.

I chose to pursue a career in law simply because I want to help make positive changes in people's lives! My next goals involve securing a training contract at a commercial law firm and qualifying as a US attorney.

Alice Cooper

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Alice Cooper and I am a first-year law student at the University of Bolton. I am a Sierra Leonean but spent majority of my life in Senegal where I attended an American curriculum style school and Ghana. My mother was actually the first person who said I would make a great lawyer because of my love for arguing and interest in politics. I chose to study law because I want to learn how laws are created and how they work. More than that I want to help create change in the world and help bring the justice system to those who need it. My interests are human rights and international law. I am still figuring out what my exact plans are next year and after graduation.

Roshni Suresh Babu

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Roshni Suresh Babu, and I am a first-year law student at Durham University. I am an Indian who was raised in the UAE. I chose to study law upon my work placement at a judicial non-profit organization, which worked to empower vulnerable people through knowledge of their basic rights. This experience helped me realize the importance of the law in society, and the need to be aware of it and spread that awareness. I hope to be able to do just that through my work at the Community Law Project. My goal is to become a commercial solicitor at a leading international firm.

Nicol Rozic

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Nicol Rozic and I am currently in my second year studying Law at the University of Derby. I currently volunteer to chair Panel Referral Orders with my local youth offending service working with a range of service providers. I am professionally mentored by a partner in a law firm local to myself. I chose to study Law because I have a huge passion for Criminal Defence, specialising in Youth Justice. A passion which stems from being the victim of a crime and realising how disadvantaged young people are when they are released from custody. I want to be able to make a change to peoples lives and help them to realise that there is a life beyond criminality. 

Anna Mueller

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hello! My name is Anna and I am a second year LLB Law student at the University of Buckingham. My father introduced me to the legal sector at a young age and I have been fascinated with how the law operates and impacts people’s life ever since then. I am particularly interested in contract law, criminal law, tort law, medical negligence, and family law. I have yet to decide whether I would like to follow the pathway of becoming a solicitor or a barrister. However, I am aiming for a career in an international setting, preferably with the opportunity to work in South Korea or Japan. 

Jezneel Durogene

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Jezneel Durogene and I am currently a first year law student at the University of Dundee. Having grown up in Nigeria, I have an appreciation of the role of power and how the law fits into that. I am passionate about helping provide opportunities for people and I believe the law has a unique role to play as it affects every and all areas of life. I believe that in positioning myself in the legal field, I can have the maximum impact. My short-term goal is to secure a training contract at a commercial law firm. 

Wami Ashiru

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hi, my name is Wami. I am an aspiring solicitor with an LLB from the University of Kent and an LLM from the University of Surrey. I decided to pursue law because I want to make a positive change in people's lives, so I am really excited to be able to work with the Community Law Project to help people access justice. I have an interest in all areas of law, but I am particularly keen on Commercial Law, and Intellectual Property Law.

Luana Gomes

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hi, I am Luana, and I am currently in my third year of studying LLB at the University of West London. In September 2021 I will begin my Bar Practice Course. I am studying law because I find it extremely fascinating and interesting how it all pieces together like a puzzle. I aspire to be barrister and I am particularly interested in Criminal, Family and Immigration Law.

Tamara Mc Gaughey

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Tamara Mc Gaughey. I am a Northern Irish, first year law student and studying in Leeds Beckett. I have always aspired to be a solicitor and to help people. I have a keen interest in Family / Child Law and also human / civil rights. I am however open minded and would love to learn about any area!

Absha Meah

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Absha Meah and I am a final year Law Student at the University of Law. I love helping people solve their issues and believe that pursuing law career will help me make a difference to people's lives. I am mainly interested in commercial law, family law, human rights and real estate. Legal Aid has been cut down massively but I believe that everyone deserves access to representation and hope to help fix this problem. 

Khushi Shah

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Khushi Shah and I'm a 2nd year Law Student at Durham University. I've always been interested in Criminal Law but in High School after taking Sociology as one of my subjects I was very intrigued by the legal system, human rights and social justice. Studying human behaviour and human motives have always been fascinating to me. In university I explored many different areas of the law, I love the analytical and critical approach it has. I'm also interested in IP Law and Media Law. I love volunteering and helping people nothing makes me happier, I want to be the change I wish to see in the world. 

Jemma Fieldsend

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Jemma Fieldsend. I am a first year law student at Leeds Beckett University. My interest for law began when I first studied it at A-level and being able to help people is something I'm very passionate about. I'm especially interested in family law and medical law but would welcome any opportunity to learn and experience other areas!