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The National Community Law Project CIC

Elle-Jade Hirst

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Elle. I am currently a second year law student at the University of Lincoln. My long term goal is to pursue a career as a solicitor. I chose to study law because I want change. Law is about the people and making a change for that particular person in mind. I want to make a difference on a personal level. To those that can't find their voice, to those who need support at night when they're feeling uneasy and to those who don't fully understand and so I try to help them understand. That is why I chose Law. 

Irene Albesiano

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hello! I'm Irene and I am in my final year studying Economics and Politics at the University of Manchester. Currently, I am taking a Business Law unit and I love it! I have then decided to apply for the MA Law starting in September and pursue a career in the law sector. I am particularly interested in Employment Law, Immigration Law and Human Rights. However, I am a very curious person and I am keen to explore other areas of law before qualifying. 

Kiera Jones

Community Law Project - Paralegal

I’m Kiera, a part-time LPC(LLM) student studying at Cardiff University. I believe that legal services should not be beyond anyone’s reach and this has been my motivation to undertake pro-bono programs in the areas of family law and nursing care law. I feel like becoming a volunteer paralegal with The National Community Law Project is the ideal way to utilise my abilities and provide the public with an access to justice, a right that is continually becoming more infringed. As I work well with emotionally charged situations and thrive on client contact, my passion for family law has continuously grown and I hope to pursue this path in my future career. I also have an interest in the areas of employment law and private client. 

Aqsa Nadeem

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hello Everyone! My name is Aqsa Nadeem. I am an aspiring barrister with an undergraduate degree in International Business Administration and currently pursuing GDL from the University of law London. The reason I decided to change my field because of my volunteering experience with an NGO where I worked teaching children and women that made me realize the importance of law and litigation. I have an interest in Family Law related to childcare, human rights, animal law,personal injury, negligence and immigration law.

Constantinos Charalambous

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Constantinos Charalambous and I am in my final year of BA Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of Hertfordshire, I am set to start my legal journey by studying MA Law in September 2021. My interest in law and legal services arose during the 2nd year of my academic studies at UOH after the completion of some law-related modules, Rather start again, my mother always told me to "Finish what you start" and I value that in any aspect of my life. I enjoy attending networking and social events related to law which is something I continue to do. Although my goal is to secure a training contract at a sports law firm, I have interests in criminal, international and corporate law.

Halima Khanom

Community Law Project - Paralegal

 Hello! I'm Halima Khanom. I chose Law as an A-Level after watching Law and order, where I quickly became obsessed with wanting to become a lawyer. I am now a Law with Criminology student at Leeds Beckett University. The areas I am most passionate about is Public and criminal Law.

Hollie Watson

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Hollie and I study law at Liverpool University, and I am currently in my first year. I chose to study law because I wanted to understand more about how changing laws have impacts in our day to day life. I am passionate and aspire to have a career as a commercial/corporate solicitor. I am enthusiastic and aspire to help people solve their challenges.