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The National Community Law Project CIC

Board of Directors

Rev. Dr. Dane Marks (Hons D.D.)- Co-Founder/Board of Directors

Rev. Dane Marks has a keen passion to assist people in marginalized and low income backgrounds to get the support they need when they are facing legal issues.

Dane explains: Being a board member of the Community Law Project (CLP) is both a privilege and a responsibility. I see my role as a duty to serve the CLP family and the community who need us in distressing, frustrating and often complicated times. My role is to assist the CLP family and to facilitate them while we support others. I am grateful and truly blessed to be surrounded by the CLP legal support family and they motivate and inspire me to work both hard and smart on the project's behalf. I have a deep appreciation for the CLP family and I am honored to represent the CLP on their behalf.

Daniel Onafuwa,  LLB - 

Co-Founder/Board of Directors

Hello I'm Daniel and I was part of the infamous 'Class of COVID 2020' in which I completed my law degree. I forged ahead seeking freedom from the shackles of the pandemic and the negative multiplier effects that it spread across society. I have a wealth of experience working at law firms and on government placements as well as volunteering at various charities with a wide variety of causes. I saw that the most vulnerable in society were excruciatingly made even further worse off than they already were. I saw how many of my peers were struggling to secure legal work experience and I saw the rapid decrease of resources that law firms suffered due to the dire situation of 2020. I wanted to find a way to change things. So this project is my vision brought to life.

Suzanne Lewis- Board of Directors, Head of Compliance

I’m Suzanne Lewis and l am the founder of Your benefit matters and Your Business matters advice services.  I started supporting vulnerable individuals over 20 years ago when a close friend was diagnosed with cancer. She was unable to work and was offered no assistance in accessing services or financial support. Advising her on welfare benefits and grants maximising incomes making life that little bit easier. From that moment on l made it my mission to make sure that people never worried more about their financial circumstances than their health. I have since supported hundreds of people to access welfare benefits and grants.

I have a passion for supporting individuals to access the correct welfare benefits improving the quality of their lives. I have personally supported dozens of individuals to realise their dreams of starting a business and overcoming financial obstacles. I believe that everybody deserves to have the same chances in life breaking down the barriers that prevent potential entrepreneurs from reaching their full potential.

Luana Gomes Medalha, LBB- Board of Directors, Head of Operations

Hi, I’m Luana. I have just finished my law degree with the award of First Class Honours and I now look forward to putting my knowledge of the law towards a good cause. I am currently undertaking my Bar Professional Course at the University of Law to qualify as a Barrister. As Head of Operations, I ensure that the NCLP is running smoothly and supporting our community in the best way that we can with the help of our Team.

Antonia Wilkinson,  LLB - 

Board of Directors, Head of Case Management

I am a recent LLB Law and Criminology graduate currently living in Tetbury working as a supervisor. I have a passion for law and got into the legal world to be able to help people who are marginalised by society. Everyone deserves legal advice and I want to be able to make it accessible to everyone not just those who have money. I am intending on working towards a Psychology PhD but do not want to lose touch with the legal world and this can help me do that. 

Donate to Us

Your donations help us reach the poorest and most needy in society. Your donation is deeply appreciated and allows us to continue our work. Thank you from all at The Community Law Project.