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The National Community Law Project CIC

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We outsource our clothing production through

You may find our customisable products below.  Our main colour scheme reflects our logo ( white + navy blue) however you have the option of the colours found on their website above.

When you have selected your order and checked out, send an email of full details of your order and what you would like customised to [email protected] and copy in

[email protected]

Delivery is approximately 5-7 business days.

Products to be added and price to be finalised


-water bottles

-coffee cups





ReoBlingz Custom

T-Shirts + Mugs Prices

*Prices are for front design only. Back design is from £5.

*Please note prices also depend on volume and design

*Bulk orders from 25 units get further discounts

*Postage fee applies

Plaint Print with Standard T-shirt- £12

Glitter Print Standard T-Shirt- £18 (Premium Upgrade- £22)

Rhinestone Swarovski Crystals with Premium T-shirt- £35

Rhinestone Swarovski Crystals and picture- £45

Plain Mug (Full colour design with photo and text)- £10

Magic Mug: Thermal (Full colour design with photo and text)