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The National Community Law Project CIC


LawSikho is the leading online legal educational institution. They offer the most advanced legal courses that are free to the virtual public. They focus on providing legal placements as well as teaching the practical skills needed to flourish in the industry.  They have a vast wealth of resources that after a few user prompts, can tailor the perfect resources for your career development and ambitions. You are invited to groups that provide exclusive access to industry leading webinars, free e-books, internships, jobs, client opportunities, career counselling and other highly regarded materials.

LawSikho understands that law is competitive and quite intimidating when not fully prepared for the journey ahead. They understand that is it difficult navigating which career path within law is most suited for you or whether law is even the correct path for you. It is because of this understanding that has led them to cultivate the best guides that will allow you to fully embrace the diverse range of practice. They provide a free career assessment that will allow you to seamlessly start planning your path and goals.

Click on the link below to access various resources such as webinars, blogs, courses, podcasts, courses and much more:

LawSikho is India's largest and most reputed online legal education company. It champions the great mission ofcreating access to justice in India. A main factor of it's launch was to be pioneer to supply the demand as there has been a strong need to create resources for practical legal education as the textbook learning that happen in law schools are far removed from the realities and needs of the industry.

They make high quality practical legal training easily accessible for all across India, directly impacting the quality of legal service and legal expertise available to the common citisens of the country and now to across the world.