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The National Community Law Project CIC

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Donate to Us

Your donations help us reach the poorest and most needy in society. Your donation is deeply appreciated and allows us to continue our work. Thank you from all at The Community Law Project.

Apply to Join our Legal Support Team

In order to join us, please fill out both volunteer forms below. The first is the main application with targeted questions and the other below is our online form where you upload your CV. Once we assess the forms, if they meet our required standard, we will contact you to arrange an interview to see if you meet our criteria.  

Upon completing and signing the volunteer form, you agree to our terms & conditions upon onboarding. 

Please send your applications to our Recruitment team email- [email protected]

When the process has been completed and if you successfully pass our application and interview stage then they will provide you with all the induction materials you need. This will include a company email to engage with our clients or networks which takes 2 weeks to process. Once this is completed, you may begin working with us straight away! We have a probation period of 3 months, if you pass then we shall begin the process of setting up your company profile for the website. You will be allocated a Team Leader by our HR Team who will be your first point of call for any case related queries and will be your supervisor for your SQE journal. All team leaders' contact info can be found on our senior members page.


We want to help as many people with their SQE qualification and the work we do counts as QWE. However anyone can join, you can be a first year, graduated, be non- law or doing your LPC!

As it is on a voluntary basis, there is no obligations to get on every single case. However our requirement is that when you are with us, you should aim to be on at least one case per month working a minimum of at least 4 hours per week of recorded work, not including team meetings or chat communications. If capacity allows, we encourage more hours if you can. This is an online platform so you may work from anywhere in the world! Record the QWE you do with us here to count towards your solicitor qualification: 

When you join please show proof that you have registered for a journal and have added us as an organisation as this will be compulsory to fill out, especially when looking to get your QWE singed off.

Follow us on our social media here, spread the word and tag us when your profile is live so we can expand our reach to more people we can help!-


We have a meeting every Monday and Thursday evening at 6pm GMT where we have case discussions and interview clients. On Wednesdays we have our social evenings where we relax and have an open floor session on discussion topics. We operate using google drive and Viber.  We will create a company email for you for access to the case folders within the google drive.

Click here to download the Main Volunteer Form and remember to Complete online form below

Apply to Volunteer 

Online Form

Volunteer Paralegal

Are you passionate about helping underprivileged, low income, marginalized people?

Are you interested in working to support people who are trying to properly navigate legal battles?

Are you ready to donate your time to better the future of individuals on the verge of losing it all?

If you said yes to any of the above… we have a great need for your assistance!

Become a full-time or part-time volunteer today.

Call us on 0330 058 8337 to apply or fill out application below