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The National Community Law Project CIC

Cardiff Feminism Society

The Feminist Society is a brand-new society at Cardiff University welcoming members from all genders who believe in women’s equality. We hold regular, casual meetings which provides a safe space to discuss our experience of the patriarchy, as well as doing fun activities like cinema trips, arts and crafts and alcohol-based socials. We aim to be as intersectional as possible, considering feminism in relation to race, social class and LGBT issues.

We also aim to help women through raising awareness, volunteering and donating- currently we are collecting single bedding (i.e. sheets, pillows, duvets and duvet covers) for Women’s Aid Cardiff, a shelter supporting victims of domestic violence; please email one of the team if you have anything to donate.

We provide a safe space for people to come and learn about feminism. We discuss issues that people face in the patriarchal society we live in. We strive to create a community of people who can be there for each other and empower one another to stand up for what’s right, all the while hopefully making some great friends and having lots of fun.

We aim to teach feminist issues themes with likeminded people but aim to engage with groups outside our bubble such as male sports teams for. We intend to reach people who may not know lots about what we discuss but are arguably the ones that need to hear it the most.

For more information, please go to our page