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The National Community Law Project CIC

Cardiff Commercial Awareness Society

CCAS is a student-run society at Cardiff University dedicated to developing and showcasing the commercial awareness of our members. Through our insightful media, engaging activities, and connections with industry experts, we aim to provide our members a competitive advantage when applying for positions at leading law firms and corporations.

CCAS members have an exclusive fast track in NCLP's application process to become volunteers and gain excellent legal work experience. If you provide proof that you're a registered member there, you will get trained and onboarded as a volunteer paralegal without needing to do a formal interview. You will get 1st hand client contact and legal case work that will significantly boost your skills and CV.

Complete the application you can download on our join us page and email it over to my email at [email protected] with expressed interest to join the role as part of The National Community Law Project CIC. From there I will review your application if it meets our basic competencies, and I will take you through the rest of the process from there.

You may find links to their social medias below:

The Society’s co-founding committee has no shortage of promising talent, with President Arthur Ddamalira and Sponsorship Officer La’Shaunna Williamson already securing training contracts at leading law firms. Secretary Sharik Khan, Communications Officer Brighan Collins and Treasurer Ege Karabiyik were all featured in the Bright Network’s Top 100 Future Lawyers shortlist. Social media and Branding Officer Lewis Greenman was also awarded the Cecil Fifoot Prize for the strongest performance in Cardiff University’s Contract Law LLB module.

In one of CCAS’ first announcements, Arthur Ddamalira stated:

‘I believe there is a wealth of talent at Cardiff University that has the potential to break into best firms in the city. Our society is an opportunity for those who have secured roles to help open doors for others to do the same.’ 

CCAS provides a range of services to its members, including:

• A weekly commercial awareness newsletter

• Monthly podcast series containing analyses of current affairs from legal, political, financial and management-consulting perspectives

• Rolling blog incorporating articles from our newsletter and guest writers

• Weekly + Fortnightly + Monthly commercial awareness sessions

• Mock Interview support in collaboration with careers teams focused on commercial awareness related questions and other common questions

• Application workshops

• Case study exercises

• Affiliate and sponsor firm events

• Trips to partner firms

• Negotiation, essay writing and mooting competitions

• Q+A sessions to help members learn, teach and write about core commercial affairs and stay up to date with current events.

• Panellist-style events on industry topics

• Networking opportunities with industry experts and graduate recruitment in collaboration with Cardiff Careers

• Work experience opportunities