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The National Community Law Project CIC

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​The National Community Law Project CIC 

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We are so thankful for your support in helping us do what we need to do for people who just cannot afford the legal support they need.

If you would like to go on our website as a supporter after you have donated, please email [email protected]

We may also reach out to you to ask if you don't email :-)

Thank you, every little donation helps us achieve our aims to help others.

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We stand t​o support and help to enable your rights

The National Community Law Project CIC

We are here to offer information and support to people who struggle to get legal assistance while facing legal issues


What We Do

We are a team of  students and graduates passionate about the law, offering our time to help you!

We are a team of primarily law students offering our time to help clients compile case facts and supporting evidence in an professional way to present to legal professionals. We can also assist in finding the representation for you when requiring the right legal professionals. It is a flexible volunteering community where we compile evidence, do legal research, conduct client interviews and take meeting notes for cases we bring in, thus building the vital skills necessary for a legal career. 

The project was set up to assist those in facing the most difficulty in accessing support and legal solutions. We are here to offer support and assistance to clients needing to present their arguments, while understanding the legal process. We are here to bridge the gap between you and your legal professional. 

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The National Community Law Project CIC 

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